Our Mission

The Biltema Foundation was set up to provide a positive contribution to the education, health and welfare of children and other vulnerable people as well as animals, particularly in developing countries.

By supporting charitable projects, Biltema Foundation found a way to give back to its countries of manufacture and furthermore make a contribution to the whole economy of the countries. Just as much, we at Biltema Foundation want to see substantial and lasting changes in the developing countries by supporting established organisations to cover fundamental needs of people living in poverty.


Better health conditions enable people to work and to provide a home for their family. Through education, people get better work skills and the quality of products gets a higher standard. Good employees and nice products increase export numbers. As a result, manufactories get worldwide acclaim. The country’s economy grows, wages get higher and better standards of living will be established.

The more we give, the better life gets, for many people in this world. We at Biltema Foundation campaign for this target, to make a difference in this world.

The Biltema Foundation focuses on four areas:


The Foundation supports programs for education in several countries. Health is one main area where education is vital, especially in developing countries. Therefore we encourage and promote basic and further education of children and women.

Health and Health Facilities

Health is one of men’s most important resources and therefore indispensable for life. As a main target of the Foundation, health projects are supported in several countries.


Social and economic development is progressing through better living conditions and higher standards. The Foundation is working towards this goal by supporting projects in developing countries focusing on health and education.

Animal Welfare (Pets in particular)

Emergency Relieve

Another issue for us at Biltema Foundation is to provide support wherever emergency assistance is required. Therefore we collaborate with several health organisations to help in case of emergencies, such as natural disasters.

Our View on Working Conditions and Ethics:

For us at Biltema Foundation, it is very important that the business complies with laws and regulations at all levels. Why we make the following demands of our partners:

  • All suppliers and producers must live up to the social rights that exist in each country
  • National working conditions such as minimum wages, maximum working hours and safety standards must be strictly observed
  • Child labour must never occur and applicable minimum age for workers must be strictly followed
  • Gifts or other benefits may not be received from suppliers or partners
  • All suppliers must be informed of our requirements and we receive written promises to follow them


We verify that all the above rules are followed by making planned and spontaneous visits to the suppliers and we require our suppliers to make regular inspection visits to their subcontractors.